oTT : online Tengwar Transcriber is a tool for transcribing text written in Roman letters into the Tengwar (the Elvish letters) according to selected language rules. Note - this is not a dictionary or translator - texts are not translated into Elvish but only written with the Tengwar script. Further information on the Tengwar writing system can be found here (in Polish!) or at Amanye Tenceli and Dan Smith's Tengwar page.

Transcription result can be presented as:

  • ASCII characters for further use with font which follow Dan Smith's character layout,
  • Tengwar text using font Tengwar Parmaite, Tengwar Quenya, Tengwar Sindarin or Tengwar Noldor (you need to have those fonts installed),
  • PNG graphic of Tengwar using selected font (in this case you don't have to install Tengwar fonts),
  • HTML code with <FONT FACE=...> tag or using CSS; high ASCII codes can be shown as numeric character references &#dddd;.

oTT works like the Tengwar Scribe or YaTT and uses the same language mode files (created with the Tengwar Mode Editor). Type the text you wish to transcribe in the 'input' box, then select the mode (language of input text), specify output format and click the [transcribe] button.

Now there are only few modes available, but the list can be expanded if you wish.

oTT page is encoded in Unicode (UTF-8) and uses JavaScript.

revision history:

2004-03-15 — version 1.5.4 — new font - Tengwar Formal — fixed space handling in some mode files
2003-03-15 — version 1.5.3 — small HTML improvements — new contact page
2002-07-29 — version 1.5 — with additional buttons you can now easily insert special characters (like long vowels) into source text
2002-04-30 — version 1.4 — fixed bug in transcription of non-alphanumeric sequences — improved numerals handling
2002-04-21 — version 1.3 — improved recognition and transcription of non-alphanumeric sequences — improved handling of some non-alphanumeric characters and punctuation marks in modes which don't define them directly — new mode - Sindarin Classic
2002-02-21 — version 1.2 — improved numeral tengwar transcription and marking of least significant digit — fixed transcription of Unicode Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A characters
2002-02-08 — version 1.1 — new output format - PNG graphic
2002-02-06 — version 1.0 — first public release
2002-01-20 — wow, it works :-)